Snowy Ride 2015

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Snowy Ride 2015

Post  Simon on Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:24 am

The weather gods were smiling down on this weekend.

It started out with the possibility of riding with a choice of three different groups of people.
No one was interested in doing the ride this year from group number 1. Last year it rained out down at the Snowy for them, which I think put many of them off. I think fair weather weekend riders can make people soft. Personally you need to put the wets on and tough it through downpours and wet roads just to keep your head in the game.

Group number 2 turned out to be disorganised and left everything to the last minute. Even the decision to not ride was left to the very last minute. Planning on picking up your bike from the mechanic only hours before a 3 day ride is just asking for trouble. I guess I wasn't surprised and probably for the better.

... and group number 3 developed last minute work issues, family issues, weather issues.

So I did the ride alone this year.

As it turned out there was a light shower between Goulburn and Yass and a got a bit wet between Gundagai and Tumut but I was dry again by the time I reach Khancoban.

My wet weather gear is just wet weather liners inside my Revit Jacket and BMW Rider Pants. Whilst I do carry the plastic oversuit type wet weather gear for the really drawn out multi day torrential downpour events, these wet weather liners work well 90% of the time.
The jacket contains all my upper body armour but for lower body armour I use Bohn Armor pants under the rider pants. I'm a long term advocate for 1 layer for impact protection and 1 layer for slide protection. Whist I've got that happening with the lower body, I am still working on a good match of products for the upper body.

Traveling alone allowed me to set my own pace and stop in at places I wanted to see.

I dropped into Trappers Bakery in Goulburn for coffee and again at Gundagai for a top up.
Took the Tumut to Adaminiby road, turned right onto Link road and pull up at the service station in Khancoban on an empty tank ... and the only petrol station was closed. Got a room out back of the local pub and stayed for the night.
First thing in the morning I was up and refueled and did an early morning run to Threbo. No traffic. Clear air. Sunny except for some spots of mist. Road surface clean and mostly dry. Fantastic!

So far I've encountered wild horses, rabbits, wallabys and emus on the road. No dear or kangaroos yet.

Checked into accommodation at Thredbo. Visited the Snowy Ride shop and picked up a patch. Went back to the hotel and decided on my route for the day. This year I decided to head out to Bombala via Dalgety and return to Thredbo via Cooma and the NSW Busking Championships. Simply love that run across the landscape to Dalgety. The wide open space does it for me.

Wandering around Cooma listening to the various artists playing their tunes on most street corners was enjoyable. Just being in amongst it all watching everyone doing their thing and having fun if good medicine for the head.

The ride back into Thredbo from Cooma was uneventful. Just traffic and more traffic.

Got my card stamped in Thredbo back at the Ride office and handed it in for the draw.
Presentations and prize draws were done. Parade of riders, helicopters and general applause and expressions of appreciation were made.
There were fireworks and entertainment for all inclined during the Saturday night.

On Sunday morning I got all packed up again and did the run up to Charlottes pass. Another favorite. Then breakfast in at Jindabyne. The ride back to Sydney was the longest I've done in a day. 965kms. I headed back to Sydney via Adaminiby and Tumut, Wagga Wagga, Junee, Young, Yass, Goulburn then finally Sydney. I was in Goulburn by 7:30pm and it was still daylight. I figured low risk of wildlife at night along the expressway so kept on going. I was back home by 9:30pm.

Bought some ginger coated chocolate at the tourist information centre in Tumut. Got a map of the roads through to Junee and Young. Took off a couple of layers of clothing now that I was out of the mountains. Sunny blue sky day with a few high level scattered clouds about.

Dropped into the 'Monte Christo homestead' as I traveled through Junee, to see what it was all about. Very disappointing. It occurred to me that it looked like nothing more than desperate people trying to scrape together a few dollars out of a rundown old building from an unsuspecting public. Halloween toys for sale in a run down gift shop/display area. i don't think this will be on the map for very much longer.
Another coffee back at the Trappers Bakery in Goulburn and all good fo the last leg back home.

There is nothing I love more than riding solo through the Australian countryside out back away from the cities and expressways. LOVE IT !

Even if it had rained all weekend down at Threbo I was focused on having a great weekend and I did.

I had forgotten to pack chain lube and when your off on a 2000km weekend jaunt you need to take chain lube. Gah! Slap on wrist for me. Wont happen again. The Bandit (1250sa) ran smoothly and stood up to everything. It gave me all that I asked of it and more. But there were times when I sensed that it was a bit grumbly about not having the chain well lubed.

And the battery of my smartphone, or the phone itself, got mucked up. Maybe excessive moisture. Just wasn't stable enough to take photos with. When I eventually got back to Sydney and to a phone doctor, there was nothing wrong with it. Gah! I think I will buy a separate camera and not rely on the phone for its camera any more. Or maybe buy a better moisture proof smartphone.

Now to wash the bike, relube the chain and pack clean clothes again for the Mudgee overnight ride planned for the next weekend. Robert Steins here I come.


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Re: Snowy Ride 2015

Post  Chook on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:12 am

It sounds like you had a great weekend, thank's for the report

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Re: Snowy Ride 2015

Post  Ewok1958 on Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:52 am

A couple of thousand K's for a good cause Swild. Pity about your camera phone! Cheers.  cheers

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Re: Snowy Ride 2015

Post  2wheelsagain on Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:28 am

A great report. A shame about the photos.
I know someone who doesn't lube the chain Shocked 2000km dry won't be too bad. It had lube to start with.

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Re: Snowy Ride 2015

Post  paul on Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:56 am

Great report .............and a great trip by the sounds of it.  Sometimes it's good to ride alone & just loose ............or should that be find yourself . Very Happy

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Re: Snowy Ride 2015

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