Southern Highlands pure BLISS

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Southern Highlands pure BLISS

Post  Truck bandit on Mon 15 Jun 2015, 10:15 am

Southern Highlands (NSW) pure BLISS - that's exactly what it was on Sunday.

Plenty of Sunday drivers out enjoying the magnificent winter sunshine through Bowral - Mittagong - Bowral - Robertson.

I was happy to cruise along and breathe the fresh air. Taking time to appreciate each carefully selected gear change and the sound emitted from my Yoshi pipe. Totally rugged up with thermals, neck

warmer and jacket lining in, I was so warm and comfy apart from a few times on Picton Road where the pinky finger started to go numb. The STORM barkbusters I put on 18 months ago have paid for

themselves once again. They were cold but not icicles like they used to be pre-barbusters.

The road surface has its good parts and rough parts but all in all it is fine. Nice to get on the smooth freeway for the last 17km home to Wollongong and wind it up to 100kph.

Mostly average around 70kph with the few little towns you need to slow down at.

The loop from Wollongong - Mt Keira Rd - Picton - Bargo - Mittagong - Bowral - Robertson - Macquarie Pass - Albion Park - Wollongong is 140km all up and is great in Autumn and Winter for the

colours of the trees but equally as good in Summer and Spring as it is usually a few degrees cooler on the stinking summer days.

Plenty of fuel stops along the way along with coffee and cafes abundant in all the little tons. Bowral can be busy with car drivers and the Pie Shop is worth a stop just to check out the other bikes.

There are many different options to take on this route with different roads running parallel but ending up at the same location.

Fill up the tank with fuel and go on a bit of an adventure and just turn down one of those roads that you always seem to ride by, you might be surprised and find a gem of a road. I've done it a few

times and have been pleasantly surprised. Through away your GPS and use your instinct and explore. I like to get to an intersection and decide only then which way to turn. Sometimes I end up

in a destination I didn't think was possible or on a road that is complete magic. It can work the other way aswell, but you might aswell take a risk and go for it!!!

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Re: Southern Highlands pure BLISS

Post  2wheelsagain on Mon 15 Jun 2015, 11:34 am

If this is the loop you did it looks good.
Google Map
You have some great roads up in NSW.

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