Tamworth to Forbes, 1/2 way home

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Tamworth to Forbes, 1/2 way home

Post  Chook on Mon 10 Apr 2017, 10:47 am

I left Tamworth as the sun came up just after 6:00 am not sure which way I was going to travel to Forbes other than my 1st stop was going to be my morning gym session at Gunnedah where I started looking at different route options, the shortest route to Coolah looked a bit straight so I headed into Coonabarabran for fuel and coffee before heading off the main highways.

A few km out of Coonabarabran I turned off the highway and headed for Dunedoo, that gave a mix of nice long sweepers, a few nice corners and a fair bit of straight stuff, plenty of interesting country side to make the ride a bit nicer, mostly the roads were very good but in places they were quite broken up, you had to stay on your toes as it could change from great to shit in the blink of a eye.

By Dunedoo I was looking for a quick pitstop st I pulled into the town for a 5 or 10 minute stretch, from there I headed for Wellington, the roads and scenery were much the same as earlier, mostly good though. Coming out of some of the long sweepers I'd glace down at the gauges and have to wipe a bit of speed off before mr plod rolled around the corner, I was really starting to enjoy them a bit too much Very Happy

Fuel stop at Wellington, I asked the bloke at the servo about the road from there to Parkes, he said "it's not to good for the 1st few km out of the town but after that it's a good road" The bloke obviously doesn't ride, those 1st few km had awesome twisties, I had a ball cheers From there on it was much the same again, nice sweepers, occasional twistie bits and pretty good road surface.

I stopped at a little 1 horse town for lunch, Yeoval, a really friendly little place where everyone wanted to know, where I'd been, where I was going etc etc, after that, back on the road and another stop in Parkes at Kinsella Motorcycles to say G'day to Joe who a lot of us met in Parkes 2 years ago. We had a bit of a chat for a while, the shop is going well, his 1200S has gone but he said it's local and he sees it around alot.

After visiting Joe it was just a short ride down to Forbes and my room for the night in the Vandenburgh Hotel, right in the middle of the CBD, great cafe/bakery a couple of doors down, rear entrance to the Servicemen's Club between the pub and bakery, $50 for a large upstairs pub room, bike parked in a driveway behind large 7' gates, lit up all night, great meals and plenty of other close by choices if you don't like what they have


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