A complex issue

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A complex issue

Post  paul on Thu 11 Feb 2016, 9:55 pm

2WA's post about bargain goods started me thinking today .................yes it does happen  Laughing................No-one would deny anybody a bargain , & hallelujah to Ebay for making our world a lot smaller .There can be no doubt it has contributed in no small way to greater competition & better prices from local suppliers . The main problem as I see it , is here in Aus. we are trying to compete in a market of differing parameters .......Americas wage structures are somewhat different , where a large portion of the population get paid a pittance , & rely on Tips to subsidise wages plus it has a lot larger market place to keep prices down. China , & other similar countries e.g. Taiwan etc , have the benefit of fairly cheap running costs .Now the fly in the ointment  to me is how low & how long Aust suppliers can keep their sales prices down to compete with overseas prices without them going to the wall , leaving only the overseas suppliers to fill the void, as is now the way with so many of the motor .............printing ............& manufacturing  trades etc we used to have . As can be seen lately , prices can go up due to any number of external influences i.e our currency exchange rate , and I'm sure as China's economy grows , so will their standard of living , wages etc .& therefore the cost buying from them will also rise .
What's the answer ...........stuffed if I know..........most Ausie suppliers will " do a deal " especially for bulk orders or if you are a regular customer , and their days of having a monopoly on the market place are certainly numbered if current trends continue , but it would be a shame for them not to be there when you needed them like so many of our other industries we once had , not to mention the unemployment figures should that happen .I guess if we want to have higher wages to support our relatively comfortable lifestyle , the money has to come from somewhere , it's just a matter of finding a happy balance between what we pay for something , & its true worth .

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