Another ride weekend, another couple of photo's :)

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Another ride weekend, another couple of photo's :)

Post  pSiN on Sun 02 Aug 2015, 6:50 pm

A great weekend on the Bandit, with some relaxed riding on a few choice backroads on Saturday, but Sunday was the fun day Smile.

Jimboomba to Canungra to Nerang to the Natural Arch Cafe just past the Numinbah Valley. Fantastic weather and the roads in good trim - next to no traffic on the road when my girlfriend and I were slinging the bikes through the beautiful sweepers on the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road.

Devonshire Tea's at the Natural Arch with some 50 or so bikes throttling past while we enjoyed the atmosphere of the valley views.

Then backtracking as far as Pine Creek Road and up the mountain to the Springbrook National Park run, with stops at the Apple Tree Park, the Purling Brook Falls, and finally at the 'Best of All Lookout' up the top of the range there. Again very little traffic with plenty of warning from other riders about the presence of Mr Plod the Revenue man coming back through the Numinbah Valley township Smile.

All roads were in great shape and the Bandit and I were finding a nice relaxed rhythm as i settled in and had some fun squirting out of corners in 3rd at that 80-120kp/h range.

Then tracking back our steps without stops for a light lunch at the Outpost at Canungra, perhaps 40 or so bikes parked up with smiling faces left right and centre.

Photo's of the Bandit in the morning (chain cleaned and lubed the night before, up on her stand), yours truly hulking over the poor thing, and myself, my bike, and my Triple B the adventuress's steed at the Purling Brook Falls carpark.

Keep riding everyone, 



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Re: Another ride weekend, another couple of photo's :)

Post  2wheelsagain on Mon 03 Aug 2015, 6:57 am

Good stuff. That's what they're built for.
Keep it up and upright Razz

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