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Post  Backonabandit on Sun 22 Feb 2015, 2:01 pm

i was wrapped when i woke this morn,clear skies and slight breeze,nice.as i slipped the cover of the beast,i could hardly contain myself.i havnt had the chance to ride much lately.after the prestart check and warmup i clicked the 1200 into gear and rode into fernvale from redbank,just a short trip.i love it around south east QLD,motorcyclists everywhere riding the pride and joy of the garage or everyday user or whatever.i started thinking...you know that guy on the forum...2wheelsagain...he's right...the bandit has flaws...and to a consumer some of them are issues serious enough to consider giving the bandit a miss...i continued to watch the bikes roll in and out of fernvale and every rider looked happy enough doing the thing they love...riding.my thoughts go toward what you get and what to expect when you buy a motorcycle...i wanted a bike that rode easily, functioned as it should reliably most of the time,something easy to work on and maintain.i also wanted a bike with enough grunt to meet my needs.so i would say to anyone it does those things well.and the bandit is easy to polish if your patient,chainguard. wheels, engine covers, forklegs etc etc are all capable of nice finish...hand polishing the bandit using wet and dry and polish will bring a smile to your face long after the hard work is done.and the continued joy is on the owner...clean it and maintain it and it will look after your needs every time.if my needs were different id probrably ride something else,but when i crack the throttle and ride a nice corner im happy with the bandit,and that's why i called myself backonabandit...because i bloody missed my last bandit when i sold it and purchased a different bike.i still say all these years later...the bandit is the most fun you can have with your pants on! Thankyou Suzuki.

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