2015 Black Dog Ride(s)

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2015 Black Dog Ride(s)

Post  GSFBlue on Thu 29 Jan 2015, 10:15 pm

Hi folks,

For those that might be interested, the link to the BDR page below has a good deal of information about this worthwhile charity and the rides planned for 2015. The national ride for 2015 will have riders starting from all over the country eventually meeting at Uluru one week later in August. There are "night rides" planned, (info not yet released) which will allow riders to go a part of the way to Uluru. In addition there are 1 day rides planned for various locations around Australia.


I have no connection with BDR, however, like many people in the community, my family has been touched by the insidious effects of depression, hence my interest. In addition to raising awareness about depression, the charity also seeks to raise money to help in the fight against suicide and support mental health initiatives in general - a good idea made even better by the inclusion of motorbikes!


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