OBDII and Android Torque App

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OBDII and Android Torque App

Post  reddog on Mon 03 Feb 2014, 9:40 pm

I grabbed a cheap OBDII bluetooth plug off ebay and downloaded the Torque Lite App for my Google Nexus 5 Android phone. So far I have found it works fine in the wifes VW Jetta Mk6 and my Isuzu DMax. Shows Boost, speed km per litre, voltage, rpm etc. Check out this Youtube vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQSsUPrGLHs

Not bad for $5

It'd be such a worthwhile tool on the Bandit for Water temp, Voltage etc.

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Re: OBDII and Android Torque App

Post  barry_mcki on Mon 03 Feb 2014, 10:12 pm

Hassle being that Suzuki doesn't use the OBDII standard limiting the devices that can read the disgnostics to either the manufactures own test equipment ($1,000 plus extra for updates) or the Healtech OBD device (US$230 - ish).

I don't remember seeing any others, especially at the price of the Healtech OBD, but would be glad to be proven wrong.

I just looked at Healtech's site and I couldn't find the OBD, they may have discontinued it, although US retailers are still listing it.

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