Have a safe long weekend please

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Have a safe long weekend please

Post  stu on Sat 25 Jan 2014, 1:14 pm

I was riding back from Sydney this morning. Beautiful day. Fantastic visibility and no moisture.

Not too hot or too cold to wear my textile safety gear with just a tee shirt.

Pretty much a perfect day for riding. 

At one point I was overtaking another car, and had just popped back into the left lane when a police car goes racing past me (he disappeared really quickly). I thought that he was after a car that had been going quickly, but no he kept on going.

After a little while, we came across a cop car on the left side of highway with lights flashing and "prepare to stop" scrolling across its rooftop display.  Just after that traffic came to a complete standstill... approaching the end of the lake george road.

Now of course I was thinking to myself that the only thing that would cause this was an accident, one that had just happened.

So we were stopped for maybe thirty minutes before traffic started slowly moving again. A little faster on a motorbike  Very Happy 

As we got to the top of the hill, there were about SIX police cars, loads of traffic cones, as the traffic was funnelled from two lanes through to the shoulder and beyond.... 

There was a car with its bumper half ripped off, and near it standing up, a motorbike with its left hand side looking completely destroyed.... not that I got a really clear look but I would have only been doing 30kmh....

Then my blood ran cold. It's really not a great feeling. There neatly on the side of the road was a set of motorbike boots and a helmet. I think I must have sworn loudly, cos a nearby cop said "it's ok mate".

Have to admit I felt like stopping and having a good cry.... was a big bloody shock. Crashes can happen so easily, even on this perfect day.

When I arrived in Canberra, next to the Watson servo was a man next to a motorbike... pointing people in the direction of a vintage bike rally.... he told me the guy "was one of theirs", but had taken a wrong turning, and then coming back onto the highway had turned in front of the car.... Now I'm not sure who hit who, or of this was correct, but he also told me rider was still alive and had been taken to hospital in a helicopter. So better than it could have been.

Not that I'm being political, but my not completely informed view is that speed was NOT a factor in this accident.

However, and I don't know if this is related at all (probably not), just a couple of kilometres up the road were MORE cops, including one with a camera, taking photos of a car that had clearly rolled into a highway sign, just off the road, 90 degrees to the road facing the road. Stupidity / alcohol / even perhaps police chase would have been involved in that one.

Got home and not sure if I need a cup of tea or a beer. Seeing the aftermath of motorbike accidents is hard. Just reminds us to be bloody careful and never ride when your concentration is not working.

Have a safe long weekend!!

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Re: Have a safe long weekend please

Post  Ewok1958 on Sat 25 Jan 2014, 1:24 pm

I'm not riding this weekend - up in Canberra for a wedding this arvo, reception tonight, and then back to Bega Valley tomorrow. 

Never good to see the aftermath of a bike vs car.  Hope the rider was ok.

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Re: Have a safe long weekend please

Post  Bosco15 on Sat 25 Jan 2014, 7:29 pm

We rode the Putty and Bells line to Katoomba from Newcastle.  
Double demerits,  we sat on the limit all the way. Even doing 80 in 100 zone at times, when no one was behind us. Thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Had time to take in some scenery, not stressed about police and felt good that Chris enjoyed the Putty Rd, when previously she disliked riding it. 
Great advice,  and thanks Stu. 
Ride safe everyone.

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Re: Have a safe long weekend please

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