Fuel Pump Fix

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Fuel Pump Fix

Post  gus on Thu 26 May 2011, 5:57 pm

First topic message reminder :

After 4 days trying to fix my ruining problems of no power, top speed of 10 kph OR 110 kph and no acceleration. I traced the fault to the fuel pump assembly. Sometimes it would work, other times it wouldn't. Pressure was either good or poor. It looked like a dodgy fuel pump which Suzuki want $700. If i had taken it to a dealer they would have replaced the assembly which would have fixed the problem but cost me $1000.

I'm unemployed at the moment so that was out of the question. I doubt VERY much I'm the only person to have this problem in the past
or future.

Photos and instructions following Smile

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Re: Fuel Pump Fix

Post  madmax on Tue 28 Nov 2017, 2:25 pm

@gus wrote:Thanks guys, I better keep working. The actually small pump can easily be tested by putting it in a bucket of fuel. Extend the wires a couple of feet to a battery, blue wire positive black wire earth (its marked). It will "jump" a little when connected and then be smooth, flow should be strong.

Reassemble everything, put it back into the bucket and retest. With mine flow (assembled) was good sometimes and poor the next time making it look like a faulty pump. The pump on its own  ALWAYS had good flow. Ever thing in the assembly is basic, no springs, no ball bearings nothing there to confuse any one. The pressure reg. can be tested with a home compressor. Air should pass through it at 45 + psi (not less) use a pointy nozzle and watch com pressure gauge.

Looking at the hidden mesh screen(you can just see it from underneath) IT LOOKED LIKE NEW, SHINNY NO DIRT, BUT IT WAS LIKE IT HAD A

All the pump assembly parts below

Below. This part of the assembly where i am pointing is where the pump fits into.
Underneath that little hole is a mesh screen (believe me) insert a stripped end (copper) Of wire and use like a toothbrush. 
Insert wire from other side and repeat. You will feel the mesh screen

You will see gunk appearing. Wash out with boiling water. Repeat and repeat again.

Reassemble after cleaning and checking every thing else.
In the last 4 days i could only get 15 kms. Today i did 130 and it ran like a charm. Now i wonder how many good pumps have been chuck away worth $700. It might not work for you, but it has got to be worth a try before you give it to the dealer. They will say you need a new pump for sure.

Have we lost the photos due to photobucket changes?

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